How to Make Happy Coffee


Tutorial: How to Make Happy Coffee Quickly.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make happy coffee (also known as skinny coffee or smart coffee)

You probably already know the benefits of our happy smart coffee

  • contains nootropics will help you curb cravings
  • help increase your memory and focus
  • improved mood and enhanced alertness

Our happy coffee and the happy hot chocolate are the best nootropic products we have.

We recommend new customers to purchase the tub when just starting out because you can just use half a scoop for the first couple days as you’re getting started. Then move up gradually to a full dose as your body gets used to having those nootropics in your system.

Just in case your body doesn’t know how to react so you can ease into it a little bit better when you’re first starting out with our pure happy coffee by getting the tub. As well its also available in a portable packet form which comes in a bag with 24 sticks.

That you can easily grab and throw in your purse or suitcase if you’re traveling and these are great to take on the go!

As well our recently introduced version of smart coffee is called Nitro and this helps promote nitric oxide in your system so it helps increase the blood flow through your system.

The taste is a little bit smoother than original happy coffee and you’ll start feeling the effects quickly. We recommend consuming it in the morning starting with a half a scoop to start then move to full dose.

Are you a Non-coffee drinker?

No problem! The solutions others use is you can also mix a half scoop of nitro (or any of our coffees) into any kind of caffeine-free drink (like hot chocolate/tea) which is an awesome alternative.

It’s like having hot chocolate and you’ll get all the amazing benefits of the nootropics

How to make Happy Coffee


To make happy coffee, first thing you’ll do is:

  1. Simply add your happy coffee or nitro (packet or scoop) into your coffee mug
  2. Add hot water (from a kettle, microwave, or Keurig for that hot water)
  3. Stir and prep like you would normal coffee. (adding cream/sugar/sweetner etc)
  4. It’s now ready to drink

Prepare the coffee to however you would like – just know you are getting all the benefits of nootropics at this point and now make it taste great for you so that it that is how to make happy coffee quickly at home or on the go.

TIP: Try adding a little bit of coconut sugar so it’s sweet enough for you.

We have many customers who love their Starbucks, Seattle’s Best or Tim Hortons Coffee – but they want the benefits of our coffee. What they are doing is to make their happy coffee / smart coffee is adding a scoop into their regular a cup of coffee (even if its their Folgers or Starbucks)

Many have also added a scoop into their morning protein shake – for a POWER SHAKE! Mix it up and enjoy it.